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Why we love : Hiking in La Gomera

There is so much to love about hiking in La Gomera, a little island with a lot to offer. Here are just three reasons to add the Canary Islands best kept secret to your hiking bucket list.


The Climate

The Canary islands enjoy a sub-tropical climate all year round, making the archipelago a favourite holiday destination for sun-starved European holiday makers looking for their fix of Vitamin D, but what Tenerife is to beach-lovers, La Gomera is to hikers: Paradise. Its mild climate coupled with its varied and undulating landscape make it the perfect place to hike all year round, particularly in the Winter months.


The Landscape

La Gomera is the second smallest of the seven Canary islands and also one of the youngest. The volcanic island has been likened to a large orange, segmented by numerous deep ravines to form its unique landscape. It is these spectacular ravines or barrancos that form trails for hikers to follow. Our route takes trekkers from the capital of San Sebastian on a looped walk through craggy mountainous landscape and passing white-washed hamlets, backdropped by stunning coastal scenery on your way. The trek also passes the Garajonay National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986.


The Culture

The island of La Gomera is home to the fascinating indigenous language of El Silbo Gomero. Known colloquially as El Silbo, the language, which  is made up of whistling sounds that mimic the phonetic sounds of Spanish, developed out of the necessity to communicate over long distances through the deep valleys and ravines of the island. El Silbo, which can be heard from 2 miles away was declared as the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009. Delicacies on the island include the distinctive local wine, a cheese spread known as almograte and the miel de palma, a syrup extracted from palm trees.

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