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Which Canary Island is best for hiking?

When our customers are choosing a Canary Island hiking holiday, we often get asked which island is best for hiking. The truth is, each Island has its own unique and individual charms. The only way to find out which Canary Island is best for hiking is to experience a hiking holiday on all 7 islands. But only the lucky ones are able to do that!

Instead of traveling to all 7 islands, in this post, we will attempt to give you a good overview of what to expect from a hiking holiday to 3 of the main islands: La Gomera, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria


Why choose the Canary Islands as a hiking destination? 

Overall there are many benefits to hiking holidays in the Canary Islands. We chose the islands as a hiking destination for these reasons: 

  • The Canary Islands are well serviced by airports, with direct flights from most European countries. 
  • The Canary Islands have year-round sunshine which is needed in the winter months!
  • It’s easy to get around the islands as the government has invested heavily in the roads and infrastructure.
  • There is a mix of stunning coastal and inland scenery on each Island. 
  • The accommodation on the Canary Islands is a very good standard with food and hospitality impressing us every time we visit. 
  • And most importantly, we think, hikers will love the hiking routes we have created using existing well-signposted trails. 

So which Canary Island is best for hiking?


Hiking in Tenerife 

In Tenerife, adventure tourism is well established with many different options here to suit walkers.

Our walks are challenging but not too tough, with some steep ascents and some long descents but overall there’s a good mix of climbs and flats which takes in the best scenery the island has to offer.

What makes hiking in Tenerife unique is there are many micro-climates – one day you could be walking in a misty rainforest and the next day you could be walking in an arid desert climate. It’s best to pack for all weather and don’t expect sunshine everywhere you go.

There are very few tourists on the north side of the island which gives it a remote feel. With stunning landscapes and white-sand beaches, this island is perfect for hikers looking to escape from the daily grind.  

The ancient city of La Laguna (former capital of the Canary Islands) is the perfect rest stop at the end of a few days of walking. Here, you can sample some unique cuisine such as Almogrote on toast served with local wine.

To sample the best Tenerife has to offer, we have a 7 Night Walking Holiday Package in Tenerife: The Epic North Coast which starts at €1000 Per Person. We also offer a shorter 4 Night Walking Holiday Package  taking in the coastal region.

Hiking in La Gomera

La Gomera, the second smallest of the Canary Islands and one of our original walking holiday packages is well known as a hikers paradise. Being a well-known walking destination means this island is very well serviced for walkers with 4 ferries leaving and returning to Tenerife daily.

Shaped somewhat like a giant pyramid, while hikers of all abilities will enjoy the routes, we would recommend this island for more serious walkers. Routes use ancient trails and are very well sign-posted. A small volcanic island, it is distinguished by its deep ravines, palm trees and fern rainforests.

While it is a more challenging hike overall, the views and unrivaled landscapes are some of the best in the world. A unique culture and even a whistling language make La Gomera the best kept secret of the Canary Islands.

For a challenging hike that includes canyons, forests and coast, we encourage you to start here: 7 Night Hiking Holiday Package to La Gomera.


Woman Walking in Gran Canaria with Canariaways

Hiking in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, the third largest of the Canary Islands, presents challenging hikes to suit serious walkers. The routes we have developed in Gran Canaria will both test and reward hikers looking for a unique experience. On a similar difficulty level to Tenerife, there are climbs and descents every day but we have ensured nothing that is too tough!

Walkers in Gran Canaria can enjoy a variety of stunning views, year-round sun, and varied terrain. One moment you are on a rocky mountainous path and the next moment you are on a flat woodland trail.

What makes hiking in Gran Canaria unique is that the island has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. Due to the micro-climatic nature of the island, it is full of indigenous species, unique to Gran Canaria. Over half the island is protected as a natural area.

On your final day, take a gorgeous seaside stroll and visit Las Palmas – a vibrant hub of authentic Spanish culture. Enjoy a well-earned rest and the culinary delights of the lively boardwalk. Don’t forget to sample the coffee from the last coffee plantation left on the Canary Islands (Los Berrazales in Gran Canaria) and the local Goat’s cheese.

Our 4 Night Walking Holiday Package allows a visit to the ancient monolithic structure in the centre of the island (La Roque Nublo) and an exploration of the “European Grand Canyon”, a must-see for all adventurers.

So which Canary Island will you choose for your hiking holiday?

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