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FAQ: What is a Parador?

‘Parador’ is the name given in Spain to luxury hotels managed by a state-run company and generally located in heritage buildings such as fortresses or monasteries; but also buildings set in nature reserves and areas of outstanding beauty.

Paradores de Turismo de España, the public company managing these luxury hotels, was founded by King Alfonso XIII to promote tourism in Spain who opened the first parador, Parador de Gredos in Ávila, in 1928. Today there are 94 paradores from 3 to 5 stars all across Spain, including a few wonderful properties in the Canary Islands.

Parador comes from the Spanish ‘parar’ which means to stop, halt or stay. The concept behind parador is to open exceptional historic properties to the public, and use the hotels profits to maintain these heritage buildings. Most of them also have excellent restaurants offering local and traditional gastronomy using local and seasonal produce.

Regardless of the parador date or style, they all are refurbished to high standard offering all modern comforts, as long as they comply with protected building regulations. Prices at Spanish paradores will vary depending on the room, region and season but they are a real treat to the walker and an opportunity to stay in very unique properties.

You will find various stunning ‘paradores’ in our Canary Islands walking tours:


Parador Cañadas del Teide in Tenerife

Parador Cañadas del Teide has a privileged and idyllic location in the heart of Teide National Park, in Tenerife. Waking up to impressive views of mighty Teide from your room is an absolute treat to the senses. This Parador is impressive both by day and by night, did you know the Teide National Park is one of the best places in Europe for stargazing? Due to its latitude and altitude, the Teide National Park is an astronomers haven and guests can enjoy stargazing activities at the Parador.

Parador de Cruz de Tejeda, Gran Canaria

The 4-star Parador at Cruz de Tejeda in the island of Gran Canaria is surrounded by beautiful scenery at 1500 of altitude. After a long day hiking, we recommend going for a dip in the hotels’ spectacular outdoor pool, where you can see the sun set and enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the mountains and valleys. Truly breath taking.


Parador de La Gomera

Also a 4-start hotel, Parador de La Gomera and its traditional architecture takes guests back to the time of Columbus when ships would leave the island on their way to the Americas. Its subtropical gardens by the ocean and cosy rooms make this Parador a little paradise with a distinctive colonial look and feel.


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