Tenerife Walking Holidays

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Tenerife Walking Holidays: All about Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canaries archipelago, born from many volcanic eruptions and eroded by time.

It is home to a great variety of microclimates that envelope the landscape in an everlasting spring.

In the north, the rain is more frequent, painting its forests with a luxurious green in Parque Rural de Anaga while the south of the island is drier and sunnier, very popular for its warm water beaches.

The uniqueness of the habitats and microclimates makes this island home for species of fauna and flora that can only be found here.

The highest mountain in Spain, El Teide, a 3718 meters volcano, majestically dominates the whole island and provides impressive rocky landscapes in its huge “caldera” over 2000 meters above the sea.

Tenerife was discovered by Spain in the Age of Discoveries and many colonial settlements were placed all over the island. Remnants from this incredible time can be found in the historic towns and cities where there is a lot to be discovered.

The rich Tenerife gastronomy can be tasted in the many local restaurants serving the freshest of local produce, especially the fish and wine.

Tenerife Walking Holidays: Our most popular hiking routes

Our most popular route is the Volcanic Landscapes of Tenerife, a 7 Night adventure hiking in Tenerife which will take you from the pine-forested hills of Vilaflor to the volcanic landscape surrounding Teide and down to the coast to view the mighty Atlantic Ocean. We recommend this hike for those looking to experience a medium level of difficulty and see some of the best views Tenerife has to offer.

For a shorter hike in Tenerife (for those looking for a long weekend away), we recommend the Teide Walking Short Break.  Tested and reviewed by our intrepid team of adventurers, this hike represents the best of Tenerife Walking Holidays if you only have a few days. Don’t just take our word for it, read this review of hiking at the foot of Mount Teide.

If you have the time and are up for a challenge, we also have a 12 Night customisable tour option for Hiking in Tenerife: The Grand Walking Tour of Tenerife.  This is definitely more of a challenge than the other two hikes with a minimum 106 KM to complete. However, this is a real journey for the body and mind and we couldn’t recommend this highly enough! Talk to one of our experts to customise your walking holiday in Tenerife today!


Tour Map