Things to do in the Canary Islands: Schedule of upcoming events 2020

At, we’re really looking forward to travelling to the Canary Islands in 2020! It’s difficult to pick our top things to do in the Canary Islands but in the list below we have gathered some of the biggest and most popular events. 

In addition to all of the benefits of hiking in the Canary Islands such as the weather and the spectacular scenery, there is a rich and diverse culture in the Canary Islands

The Islands offer something different and exciting in 2020 that is reflective of their unique personality. 

Here’s a list of interesting events that are not to be missed in 2020:

January in the Canary Islands: 

The 36th Annual Canary Islands Music Festival (Festival de Musica de Canarias) takes place from the 9th January 2020 to 9th February 2020.

With venues in all 8 islands, there is something for everyone who enjoys classical music. This is your chance to enjoy the great orchestras and composers of the world in some truly unique settings.

There is more information about the festival and programme on the official website.

If you are more interested in nature, the Almond Blossom Route Festival in Gran Canaria may appeal to you.

On the 25th & 26th of January 2020, local people in Valsequillo de Gran Canaria celebrate the blooming of the Almond trees by organising events centred around folklore and local traditions. This is a great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Gran Canaria from the locals!

Image: Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria appears on

February in the Canary Islands

From 7th February to March 1st we have the unmissable Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival 2020.

This is a very special event which has happened in Las Palmas for hundreds of years. It is a time for colour, music, dancing and partying!

Expect extravagant costumes, huge parades and dancing until dawn for tourists and locals alike.

A schedule of events for the Carnival can be found here but please note it is subject to change.

If you are in the Canary Islands a little later in February, don’t miss the spectacular Tenerife Carnival 2020!

Taking place from the 19th February to the 1st March, this huge celebration centres around the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Image: Javier Nóbrega

The Carnival is comprised of lots of different events that go on for weeks but don’t worry you don’t have to attend them all!

To party like a local, it is recommended you participate in one night time event and one daytime carnival event.

A word of warning though: in 2019 this carnival was attended by 400,000 people on the streets of Santa Cruz so expect a HUGE party!

March in the Canary Islands

After the exuberance of Carnival on the islands, March is a time for reflection and preparation for Easter.

The festival of Easter is a huge event in Spain and this tradition has carried over to the Canary Islands. Each Canary Island celebrates Easter in a different way with Tenerife, for example, being host to some of the island’s biggest celebrations.

If religion and spirituality is your thing, March could be the ideal time to visit the Canary Islands.


From Carnivals to classical music, the Canary Islands has something to offer everyone.

For a full round-up of festivals happening in the Canary Islands throughout the year, see our schedule of events in the Canary Islands.

If you would like to book your hiking holiday to the Canary Islands in 2020, talk to us today!


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