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La Gomera holidays: A Beginners Guide to the Island

If you have never travelled to the Canary Island’s best-kept secret, a La Gomera holiday has many treats in store. For the adventurous hiker, the island is unspoiled, serene and challenging. It is the perfect escape from a hectic lifestyle. 

For those who visit the island, the experience is described as “out of this world”.

The island is a quiet refuge from the busier island of Tenerife which is in certain areas bustling with people and nightlife. Those visiting La Gomera are generally of the same mindset – looking for peace and getting back to nature. If they sound like your kind of people, we would highly recommend a La Gomera holiday this year!

Why visit La Gomera for hiking

La Gomera is the third smallest of the Canary Islands and has the third-smallest population of the islands.

The island’s remoteness and natural geographic shape make it ideal for hikers looking for a challenging trail with breathtaking views.

The centre of the island is extremely mountainous, lending itself to deep volcanic ravines and cascading hills. The highest of these points is Alto de Garajonay, standing at 1,487m above sea level.

The Garajonay National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and contains many exciting hiking trails, a highlight being the ascent to Alto de Garajonay from Laguna Grande.

The park is also home to many micro-climates and unique species of flora and fauna.

La Gomera Holidays: The Basics

1. Getting to La Gomera

Once you arrive in Tenerife, the Ferry from Los Cristianos leaves 3 times every day.

The ferry takes around 50 minutes and it is an enjoyable ride. Be prepared to take plenty of photos on your journey across the Atlantic. Be sure to book your ferry in advance as this is a popular route and can sell out during busy times eg. public holidays.


2. The Weather on La Gomera

The weather makes it perfect for hiking all year round with a mild climate and a nice breeze to keep you cool.

The island is different inland than it is on the coast and temperatures vary according to where you are. La Gomera is an island with many microclimates which make for an abundance of unique species of flora and fauna. As well as an arid landscape in some areas, you will also find dense laurel forests and humidity in the air. 

There’s also plenty of sun for enjoying those beautiful beaches and going for a swim in the warm waters.

Rain is generally concentrated during the period October to March and it is worth noting that the wind is stronger in the afternoons. To help you plan when you would like to visit La Gomera and what weather to expect, there is a good weather guide here showing average temperatures all year round.

3. What to Pack for your La Gomera Holiday

Hiking in La Gomera can be a vastly different experience depending on where you are on the island.

We would advise you expect all types of weather and bring a warm jacket, a light rain jacket and a sun hat for protection against the elements.

A good pair of hiking shoes is essential for going out on the trails and don’t forget the merino wool socks!

Bring your maps and walking notes. A Spanish language book might also be a good idea as La Gomera is quite remote so having a basic knowledge of Spanish will help you on your journey.

We have more tips and advice for hiking in the Canary Islands on our blog.

Culture in La Gomera

The island is rich in history and heritage. Gomeros are particularly proud of their heritage and local folklore groups are common.

El Silbo is an ancient whistling language still in use today. It is useful to converse across the deep ravines of the island.

Like the other islands, La Gomera celebrates all the big events in style, such as Carnival and Easter.

Things to do in La Gomera

For history lovers, the town of San Sebastien is a must-see.

Christopher Colombus’s last stop before reaching North America, he is believed to have prayed in the Iglesia de la Virgen de la Asunción.

It goes without saying that hiking the Garajonay National Park is highly recommended as the top thing to do for outdoor lovers. Enjoy breathtaking hikes with scenery like nowhere on Earth.

Food is also very important on the island and here you will find an abundance of fresh fish, delicious vegetables and simple cuisine executed perfectly.

Some recommended places to eat are Casa Efigenia which is just South of the Garajonay National Park – the perfect stop off after a day of hiking perhaps!

Our colleague Pedro hiked and stayed in La Gomera last year and raved about the food – so important when out for a day of hiking!

Pedro also loved the stargazing from the island and recommends this as his top thing to do.

Where to stay in La Gomera

As standard when you book your La Gomera Hiking Holiday with us, we use the Parador de La Gomera located 10 minutes walking distance from San Sebastian.

This hotel is very special. Located close to the town but also on the coast, the hotel itself is beautiful on the inside with stunning views of the ocean and Teide, Tenerife.


La Gomera is definitely one of our favourite hiking destinations in the world. With so much to see and do on the island, it is an amazing experience for body & mind.

If La Gomera is on your bucket list, please contact us today so we can help you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

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