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Hiking in Tenerife: 3 Top Hikes for Winter 2020

With all the uncertainty, stress and bad weather out there at the moment, this is a good time to plan your next hiking in Tenerife adventure. Hiking in Tenerife is the best antidote to the winter and even spring blues.

The weather is generally good all year round making it the perfect hiking getaway.

So let’s take a break from the noise and focus on planning for the future!

Winter Hiking in Tenerife: 3 Great Hiking Holidays

Here are 3 great hiking in Tenerife holidays for winter 2020 to suit all abilities and interests:

1. The Epic North Coast 7-Night Hiking Holiday


This hiking holiday takes you to the northern part of the island of Tenerife, a land of banana plantations, farming, history, and heritage.

This is the less discovered part of Tenerife and in winter you will find peace and tranquility. It is a long way from the busyness of the south of the island.

This holiday comes with a stunning mountainous background and beautiful Atlantic views. Think coastal hikes, forest hiking, and countryside villages. On this holiday you will experience the best the north island has to offer with a stay in historical La Laguna, explore the stunning Parque Rural de Anaga and the laurel forests around La Orotava.

This hiking holiday is perfect for those who have a desire to escape the hustle and bustle while enjoying hikes that are as beautiful as they are challenging.

For more details see our Epic North Coast Tenerife Hiking Holiday Package and get a quote now.

2. Teide Walking Short Break: A 4-Night Hiking Holiday


There are two very good reasons to go on the Teide Walking Short Break. If you are short on time but still want the best views that Tenerife has to offer – this is the hiking holiday for you!

The beauty of this hiking holiday is that you can customise it completely to suit your hiking abilities and interests.

The first part of this trip will take you through tall pine forests where you can choose a variety of hikes. The next main hike will be through the landscape of the might Mount Teide, Spain’s highest mountain. There are also 2 hikes to choose from here, an easy hike or a more challenging one.

Hiking around Teide is something we would highly recommend you do on Tenerife and this provides a great opportunity to see Tenerife as you have never seen it before.

Then the next day you will have more opportunity to explore the volcanic landscapes of Santiago del Teide – the Montanas Negras. These landscapes are out of this world and perfect for a more adventurous hiker.

For more information about this short break see our Teide Hiking Short Break and get a quote now.


3. Anaga Walking Short Break: A 4-Night Hiking Holiday

The Anaga Walking Short Break takes hikers through quaint Punta del Hildalgo, through Anaga Park and then through coastal villages with the most panoramic viewpoints.

It is a lot to cram into a 4-night stay but it gives you a real flavour of what Tenerife has to offer hikers. But don’t just take our word for it, travel writer Margaret Ward wrote about her experience of the challenging hikes on this walking short break.

Needless to say, we also offer the best accommodation on the island where possible with many other activities available (at an extra cost) including wine tasting, stargazing and water-based activities.

Hiking holidays to Tenerife start at €570 Per Person Sharing for a 4 Night Break during winter months.

If these hiking holidays sound appealing, we have these and more hiking routes on the Canary Islands – our top hiking destination for this winter!

Plus don’t forget to keep an eye out for upcoming Guided Hiking Tours on Tenerife and the Canary Islands for winter 2020 and 2021. These are perfect for less experienced hikers and for solo travelers looking to meet like-minded hiking enthusiasts.

For more hiking in Tenerife packages and for hiking on the Canary Islands information, please contact us on the form below:

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